Friday, 17 April 2015

Swimming Lessons

Little Miss and I have been going swimming each week for about two months now. We started going with our NCT group but had to change days so we are taking Nana with us at the moment to watch from the sidelines. Little Miss absolutely loves it, she has such fun in the water and seems to enjoy bath time even more as a result. Here are our swimming top tips:

  • Most local pools offer baby swimming lessons for a similar cost to a session on your own in the pool. You don't have to pay hundreds for fancy programs.
  • The pools near me also all seem to offer lessons everyday, so unlike most baby classes you can pick the session which will work best for you.
  • Despite the name, they aren't really lessons and I definitely don't expect Little Miss to start swimming any time soon! Instead, our half hour class is all about having fun in the water, chasing toy ducks and singing songs. It's much more entertaining than taking her in the water by myself, but has given me plenty of ideas for when I do.
  • It's a work out! From crouching in the baby pool (think half an hour of squats!) to getting both of you changed, taking your baby swimming is a lot of exercise!
  • The pool will probably be cooler than your baby will be used to. Little Miss cried during her first few swimming lessons, but since I bought her a baby wet suit from Two Bare Feet we've had no more tears! Lots of her friends are fine in normal swimsuits, so I think it's just Little Miss being sensitive, but it's worth bearing in mind if your own little one seems unhappy in the pool.

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