Friday, 17 July 2015

Selling your House with a Baby

To clarify: that's, selling your house when you have a baby. Not selling the baby along with the house...
Selling a house when you have a young child is not much fun! From estate agents' photos to house viewings it's an endless cycle of cleaning and clearing! Here are some of the things we have learnt:
1. Make sure you are both home when the estate agent comes to take pictures, that way one of you can hold the baby while the other moves all of the baby paraphernalia out of each room before photos are taken - your whole house doesn't need to be spotless; just the areas being photographed!

There is so much stuff behind that door!

2. It can be a nice idea to leave some toys out, so that your house looks family-friendly, but make sure they are neat and organised. We left some foam play mats out downstairs and a few toys in her room. Her highchair went under the stairs though as it made the area around the table look cluttered. 

3. Try to organise an open house, so that you can have most of your viewings on the same day (preferably while someone else looks after the baby, if at all possible). That way you only have one lot of tidying to do.
4. For viewings, put bulky items like prams in the car boot to keep the hallway clear. We also put Little Miss' highchair away each time, along with some of her bigger toys, like the ball pit.
5. A cute, smiley baby might be just the thing to sell your house, or at least make it memorable, but keep some scented candles on hand to cover up any unfortunately timed bad odors...

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