Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Car Seat Conundrums

My husband spent a lot of time researching car seats while I was pregnant. I think it was one of the things that helped him to feel more involved. He soon stumbled upon the new car seat regulations, i-Size, and decided that was the style of car seat we should be purchasing, so that Little Miss would be rear facing for as long as possible. We had already decided we would like the Maxi Cosi Pebble, since it attaches to most prams, so we bought the 2WayPearl IsoFix base to go with it, ready for the 2WayPearl we planned to buy when Little Miss was big enough.

However, about a month ago we discovered that we had overlooked the MiloFix. Sure, it wouldn't have attached onto our pram, but we were given a free Silver Cross Simplicity when we ordered the pram anyway (which is currently sat in my parents' loft unused, probably to be sold on ebay at some point in the future). We now started to wonder whether it would be worth forgetting about the 2WayPearl and buying the MiloFix instead. There was very little difference in cost and the MiloFix would be more practical as we could use the IsoFix base in my parents car, which won't work with the IsoFix leg as it has underfloor storage compartments.

 Just when we thought we had it sussed, the AxxisFix was announced. AT £350 it's considerably more expensive than either of our other options. But it a) has an IsoFix that ticks all our boxes; b) is I-Size c) swivels 360⁰, making it easy to get Little Miss in and out. Other than the cost, the main catch with it is that it will be exclusive to Mothercare for the first six months. We have already discovered that our local Mothercare does not and will not stock the 2WayPearl because it is in the middle of a shopping centre so they can't check it will fit in our car (even though the John Lewis in the same shopping centre sold us the base without even asking what we drove…) We are therefore not sure how we will get hold of one, even if we want it.

Luckily, we still have a few months left in the Pebble to read some reviews and try to make our minds up. We do feel a bit as though all our forward planning was wasted though! And we haven't even looked at any non-Maxi Cosi i-Size seats yet!

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