Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My Top Five Baby Purchases

These are the top five baby items I would struggle to live without and would definitely recommend.

Where would we be without the Sleepyhead? I first read about this miracle product while I was pregnant, but since it was quite expensive I decided to wait and see if we would need one first. We did. Little Miss hated being put down - the second she touched her crib mattress her eyes would blink open and she would start to cry. As a result, she spent most of her first few months asleep on me. But the Sleepyhead ensures that we both get a good night's sleep (and some decent naps during the day time too). And it's easy to take with me when I spend the day at my mum's, so I know Little Miss will have a good nap while we are there. It looks so comfy that plenty of adults have asked me if they could get one in their size. I only wish we had bought it sooner. As an added bonus, if you're a member of the NCT you can get a decent amount of money off if you buy through their online store. If you have a reluctant sleeper, this is a must-buy! I think there's a good chance we will be purchasing the grand version in a couple of months.   

Picked up on a whim from Sainsburys when it was on special offer, but quickly became our most used toy. I sometimes feel a bit guilty about using this so much, since it requires no interaction/engagement on Little Miss' part as she can only stare at it. But boy does she love it! Her whole face lights up when we put this on and her little arms and legs are soon kicking away in excitement. It's a great way to calm her down if she is fussing, or a useful form of entertainment while I'm putting her clean clothing away. We have bought a walker that matches for when she's a bit bigger. 

We purchased this after seeing a friend using it. I prefer it to the Bumbo as the activity tray is great. Little Miss didn't really like sitting on our laps (she prefers to stand) so this has helped her to practise sitting and strengthen the muscles needed to do it. She is now quite happy to sit (with a bit of support) anywhere. I use the snug every day and I think it will be helpful for weaning too. 

Little Miss likes to be sick. A lot. So we've found we can never buy enough muslins. They are always going in and out of the wash and M&S ones have proven to be of excellent quality, far surpassing the set we initially bought from Sainsburys. They're a great size, look nice and have stayed really soft. We could not get through a day without them. 

While I was pregnant, my husband and I thought a lot about co-sleeping with Little Miss. I didn't want a Moses basket since they seem so old-fashioned and we weren't wowed by any of the cribs we saw either. Then we discovered the amazing range of cribs which attach to the side of the bed, allowing you to co-sleep safely. Of course, Little Miss didn't think much of it at first, and we ended up with her in our bed for a while anyway but the Chicco is now a great holder for our Sleepyhead. It means that I can feed Little Miss in the night without having to get out of bed and it can also be easily transported if we are spending the night anywhere else. We did consider renting the NCT equivalent, but decided that this would be more cost effective if we have another child. 

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