Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My Pal Violet

I bought LeapFrog's My Pal Violet on a whim from an Amazon Lightning Deal for Black Friday but it has quickly become one of our most used toys. 

Violet (and her green brother, Scout) can be connected to the computer and personalised with your child's name, favourite colour, food and animal. These 'favourites' aren't all that applicable to a six month old who has barely started eating, let alone expressing preferences over colour and animals, so the options I have put in for now are pretty generic and can (hopefully) be changed at a later date. Violet then uses these options in a variety of sweet songs and games. There are enough songs and activities that, even though you'll quickly learn all the words, Violet does't seem as repetitive as a lot of Little Miss's toys.

Recently, Little Miss has started to turn whenever Violet says her name, which is lovely. Unfortunately not all names can be used though- my nephew's name wasn't recognised by the system, so Scout can't say it. But it is still a great toy even without the personalised features.

As well as songs, rhymes and games, Violet also has a button for 'bedtime music' which can last for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. For us, this has proven to be Violet's best feature as the soothing music is great for helping Little Miss drift back off to sleep at night.

Violet has an age range of 6-36 months and at the moment I can easily see us using her for that long, as Little Miss gradually learns to interact with her more and more. 

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