Friday, 8 May 2015

Ten Little Princess

I'm sticking with a royal theme this week with a review of one of mine and Little Miss' favourite books: Ten Little Princesses by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty. 

Ten Little Princesses is a fun, girly counting book with lots of bright pictures to catch your little one's attention and it has a great rhythm too. I have found that Little Miss engages more with picture books than she does with touchy-feely board books for her age group because she likes listening to the rhythm of the words, in the same way that she loves it when we sing to her. Usually, she sits and listens to me read without paying too much attention to the book itself, but she seems to really like the bold pictures in Ten Little Princesses.

Many of the princesses in the book are based on traditional fairy tale characters, but there are some new additions too. My favourite is the princess knight in a suit of armour. She looks really cool and shows that you can be a princess without wearing a fancy dress. 

If princesses aren't your thing, there are two other books in the series: Ten Little Pirates and Ten Little Dinosaurs. Ten Little Princesses is so great that I am planning to complete the set. 

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