Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Toys for a Nine Month Old

Now that Little Miss is nine months old, I think it's time to pick up a few more toys for her, particularly ones which are a little more interactive. Here are some ideas of toys for 9m+

Unfortunately, we don't have room for a swing in our current garden, so this TP swing from Early Learning Centre is going to have to go in my parent's garden, so Little Miss will be able to use it when I go back to work. 

She loves making lots of noise and her rattle is one of her favourite toys (for eating, as well as shaking...), so I think she will really like this music maker. 

Another thing she loves is bath time and for some reason most bath toys are advertised as 9m+, so we will definitely get her some new things to play with in the bath now that she is big enough. 

The animal pop-up toy and plane both look very interactive, which will be great now that she is getting a bit older. 

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